Certified Teen Program


Complete Teen Silver Program Fee: $555.00  includes 30hrs of classroom instruction with 6hrs of behind the wheel and observation.
This and all of our programs meet/exceed the minimum state and high school requirements!

Complete Teen Gold Program fee: $630.00  includes 30hrs of classroom instruction with 7hrs behind the wheel and 6hrs observation.

Complete Teen Diamond Program fee:$705.00  includes 30hrs classroom instruction with 8hrs behind the wheel and omits observation.

Summer 2022 Courses
1st session runs TBD

  2nd session runs TBD

3rd session runs TBD
Class Times

9am to 11am,11am to 1pm & 1pm to 3pm
All Classes meet Monday thru Thursday
(All locations, All times)

Weekend class

Register now for our 8/28/21 to 10/23/21 12:00pm to 2:00pm or 2:00 to 4:00pm class.   

If Drivers Ed is needed for Graduation, all of our programs meet/exceed the minimumstate and high school requirements!
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Graduate to safety - Graduated Driver LicenseMichaels' Driving School offers State Certified and Approved drivers education courses.

Michaels' driver education program consists of two phases of instruction, the classroom phase and the laboratory phase.  A student is allowed to miss a maximum of four classes through the classroom session, however they must be in attendance at least one of the first three days of the class to be eligible for the class.  Any classes missed must be made up after the conclusion of the classroom dates.

  • 30 hrs. classroom and 6 hours behind the wheel
  • Classes held at each of our four convenient locations
  • Classes held Monday - Thursday please check schedule for available times.
  • Convenient start dates for classes. View our class schedule.
  • We pick students up at home for the behind the wheel training.
  • No charge for textbooks or supplies
  • Easy payment plans
  • Credit cards accepted

Program Objective

To develop youthful traffic citizens who will be safe, competent and responsible drivers, cyclists, passengers and pedestrians. Realization of this objective will result in fewer accidents, less property damage, a decrease in the number of personal injuries, and a reduction in the number of deaths directly related to the use of motor vehicles.


  • You will receive well organized and competent instruction in this complex social, physical and mental skill.
  • Successful completion is mandatory for licensing if you are under 18 years of age.
  • Most insurance companies provide a reduction in insurance premium rates for those who have completed the course.

    To avoid the possibility of a permit cancellation, the following procedures must be
       1. All course fees must be paid by classroom ending date.
       2. Both Behind-the-Wheel and Classroom (including any make-ups) must be completed
           within 9 months of the classroom starting date or additonal fees may apply.
       3. You must turn in all documents pertaining to 8 passing semester grades from two
           previous semesters in school (or equivalent if living in Cook Co. and do not have the 8
           passing grades).
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